Some would say we had it all: stable careers, a home near the beach in a great little California town, a tight-nit group of friends, and a little black cat named Carl. 

But for us, something was still missing. Something magical and unknown was calling us away from this little bubble we so carefully created for ourselves. So after 12 years of building our life together in San Diego, we said to hell with it all — we set off to travel the world with a goal to cultivate new skills, integrate into new communities, & learn more about ourselves and the great globe around us. And although we are still living a nomadic lifestyle, we couldn’t be more proud to have designed this site where our travels can call home. (Don’t worry about Carl, he’s been loving his temporary home with Stefan’s Mom, Mary Kay, in Philadelphia!)

We built VitaminSeaSeeSi.com as our personal travel blog intended to highlight our unique experiences, give travel tips & advice, and share photographs + videos of our adventures with like-minded travelers. Not everything on the site is limited to our ‘adventure year’ as we want to share stories from all the excursions we’ve experienced over the last 14+ years together.

We hope you find our posts helpful, interesting, and if nothing else, get a good laugh out of them!

We love making new contacts within the travel community and people from around the world. Tell us what you would like to see more of, send feedback, or just say hi! Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram and subscribe to our YouTube Chanel by clicking the links below.

-Katie + Stefan

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